Ulysses on Bottles

Ulysses on Bottles

Israeli Stage celebrated its second birthday on November 18th with Gilad Evron’s poetic play, Ulysses on Bottles. The show was sponsored in part by CJP.


SAUL: Jeremiah Kissel*, Elliot Norton Award and IRNE Award winner
HORESH: Samuel Dinnar
ULYSSES: Johnny Lee Davenport*, Elliot Norton Award winner
SEINFELD: Will Lyman*, Elliot Norton Award and IRNE Award winner
EDEN: Karen MacDonald*, Elliot Norton Award and IRNE Award winner
*denotes Member of Actor’s Equity

SYNOPSIS: Ulysses, a teacher of literature, who favors Russian literature, builds a raft made of bottles to sail to Gaza, deliver books, and teach literature to its people. The play raises profound questions about society’s fragile values, morality, humanism and freedom in the struggle against blindness and alienation.

ABOUT GILAD EVRON: Gilad Evron wrote the plays JehuA Mountain Does Not MoveSky,Staring EyeKaneDon Quixote’s ClaimOther Places, a collection of short stories and Bread, a screenplay for television drama. Tel-Aviv University recently published a selection of Evron’s plays.


Boston Globe Feature on Producing Artistic Director Guy: “’He just makes work in the purest sense of creating a home for artists and creating opportunities for artists. He’s got a great energy,’ Bensussen says. ‘He’s willing to go out there and ask for what he needs and push people…He’s got so much charm and passion for what he’s doing, that in the end nobody wants to say no…'” Read more at BostonGlobe.com

BroadwayWorld Review: “The American premiere featured an embarrassment of riches with Jeremiah Kissel, Johnny Lee Davenport, Will Lyman, and Karen MacDonald, all Elliot Norton Award-winners, and…” Read more at BroadwayWorld.com

Jewish Advocate Feature: “Of particular importance has been the presentation of Israel’s diversity. Israeli Stage had presented both Ashkenazi and Sephardi stories, but this was the first play to have a prominent Arab-Israeli character…” Read more at TheJewishAdvocate.com

NPR/WBUR Feature: “It’s a staged reading, but what a cast – Jeremiah Kissel, Karen MacDonald, Will Lyman, and Johnny Lee Davenport…” Read more at WBUR.org

The Arts Fuse Review: “Despite being a staged reading with scripts still in hand, the members of the ensemble were already comfortably inhabiting their roles, striking just the right balance between the tragic and comic dimensions of their characters…” Read more at ArtsFuse.org

The Bay State Banner Feature: “The seasoned actor welcomed the opportunity to work with such other veteran performers as Karen MacDonald, Will Lyman and Kissel. ‘These are people whom I’ve really respected,’ he remarked. Davenport was equally effusive about Ben-Aharon. ‘Guy is fearless,’ he said. ‘He’s so smart. It’s very exciting to be part of Israeli Stage…'” Read more at BayStateBanner.com

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