Ulysses on Bottles

Ulysses on Bottles

Israeli Stage produced the North American premiere of Ulysses on Bottles, winner of Best Israeli Play (2012), presented in partnership with ArtsEmerson: The World on Stage in April, 2015.

**Selected as Best Stage Productions of Boston 2015 by WBUR’s The Artery, The Jewish Advocate and The Arts Fuse**

Written by Gilad Evron :: Translated by Evan Fallenberg :: Directed by Guy Ben-Aharon

Featuring: Jeremiah Kissel*, Karen MacDonald*, Will Lyman*, Ken Cheeseman*, Daniel Berger-Jones*

Designs by: Dave Remedios**, Scott Pinkney**, Ron De Marco, Chip Schoonmaker**

DeDe Jacobs-Komisar – General Manager 
Adele Nadine Traub* – Production Stage Manager

This production was made possible thanks to the generosity of Bruce Steiner and was supported in part by a Young Adult Innovation Grant from Combined Jewish Philanthropies

With surprising humor and powerful insight, Ulysses on Bottles tells the story of two unlikely companions who meet in prison: an Israeli-Arab literature teacher nicknamed Ulysses and a successful Israeli-Jewish attorney who takes on his case pro bono. Combined, the perspectives of the two men explore the different reactions to the Middle East Conflict: the collisions of the personal and the political, morality and ambition. Evron wrestles with people living in separate realities where a life of privilege is pitted against a life of scarcity, and the story raises profound questions about absolute morality and personal freedom.

Photos courtesy of Paul Marotta.


Boston Globe Feature: “This is a big moment for Israeli Stage. It’s not a new thing for Ben-Aharon to work with some of the finest actors in Boston theater…” read more at The Boston Globe

Boston Globe Review: “Charged with Urgency” read more at The Boston Globe

Boston Arts Diary: “An Abundance of Acting Talent” read more at Boston Arts Diary

BroadwayWorld: “It is to the credit of Israeli Stage that they bring such a provocative work to the Boston theater community and trust that there will be an audience that is ready to have a discussion about the hard questions it raises…” read more at BroadwayWorld.com

Jewish Advocate: “Guy Ben-Aharon has been showcasing the rich complexity and diversity of modern Israeli theater…” read more at The Jewish Advocate

Jewish Journal: “Stark, Symbolic and Evocative” read more at Boston Forward

Metro Daily West: “A Thought Provoking Drama” read more at Metro Daily West

South Shore Critic: “Subversive” & “Impressive” read more at South Shore Critic

The Arts Fuse: Ulysses on Bottles does not spoon-feed easy answers to simple questions but does what first-rate theater is supposed to do — egg us on to deeper questioning…” read more at The Arts Fuse

The Times of Israel: To understand what a country is going through, there’s no better place to understand that than theater…” read more at Times of Israel

TLV1 Radio: On January 2nd, 2015, Director Guy Ben-Aharon went on air with TLV1 Radio to talk about Israeli Stage, our mission and passion for Israeli culture and our upcoming first full production, Ulysses on Bottles. Check it out at Israeli Theatre Abroad – TLV1 Radio

WBUR Review: “Both Compellingly Themed and Masterfully Acted…” read more at WBUR



“How they were able to bottle (in this case, pun intended) so much emotion, to interrupt each other in heated, back-and-forth arguments, just as I image the Gilad Evron imagined when he wrote the words — on the first read through? I can’t wait to see all of these elements come together in the full production next month!…” read more of Bruce Lynn’s First Impressions of Ulysses on Bottles

“A number of Boston’s most accomplished actors are in the production, and it was a pleasure to watch them begin to work with this material, molding complex and authentic characters attempting to wrestle with a Gaza that Israel can neither walk away from or resolve…” read more of Scott Burson’s First Impressions of Ulysses on Bottles

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