The Banality of Love – Yom Ha’Shoa

The Banality of Love – Yom Ha’Shoa

Israeli Stage presented Savyon Liebrecht’s The Banality of Love in commemoration of Yom Ha’Shoa at Boston University’s Morse Auditorium and the Goethe Zentrum Atlanta, marking Israeli Stage’s Georgia Debut. Keynote Speaker Rosian Zerner, Holocaust Survivor from Lithuania, talked about the importance of Holocaust Awareness Education preceding the Boston performance.

Check out The Boston Globe Feature in March, 2014 about Savyon Liebrecht’s Residency at Israeli Stage and the BU News Services Feature on Rosian Zerner and Guy Ben-Aharon and their work together for Holocaust Remembrance Day.

DIRECTOR: Guy Ben-Aharon

MARTIN HEIDEGGER: Tommy Derrah*, Elliot Norton Award and IRNE Award Winner
HANNAH ARENDT: Karen MacDonald*, Elliot Norton Award and IRNE Award Winner

Produced in partnership with: Boston University, CJP, Elie Wiesel Center for Judaic Studies; Goethe Zentrum Atlanta.

SYNOPSIS The complex relationship between Hannah Arendt and Martin Heidegger, from their first encounter as student and teacher in 1924 to their meeting after the war in 1950. Their story raises ethical questions about how politics and philosophy relate to real life. In the background is the one-sided love affair between German Jews and German culture as an echo of the one-sided love affair between Arendt and Heidegger.

SAVYON LIEBRECHT was born in Munich, Germany, in 1948, to Holocaust survivor parents. She studied philosophy and literature at Tel Aviv University and started publishing in 1986. Liebrecht has published six collections of short stories and novellas and two novels. She has also written multiple plays, all of which have been staged, and a number of TV scripts. She has received awards for two of her TV scripts, the Alterman Prize (1987), the Amelia Rosselli Prize for Mail Order Women (Italy, 2002), the Maior-Amalfi Award for A Good Place for the Night (Italy, 2005) as well as Playwright of the Year for her plays It’s All Greek to Me, Apples in the Desert, Rohale’s Getting Married and The Banality of Love.

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