Make My Heart Flutter

Make My Heart Flutter

Israeli Stage presented the American Premiere of Hanoch Levin’s Make My Heart Flutter on November 2nd, 2014, featuring IRNE Award Winner Remo Airaldi, Elliot Norton Award Winner Nancy Carroll*, Elliot Norton Award Winner & IRNE Award Winner Jeremiah Kissel*, Adrianne Krstansky* and Omar Robinson*, directed by Guy Ben-Aharon.

Love and its crushing disappointments are at the center of Hanoch Levin’s Make My Heart Flutter, a romantic comedy without the romance. Full of laughter and irony, the play touchingly portrays our desires, and our potentially missing out on life, without even knowing it.

HANOCH LEVIN (1943-1999) Hanoch Levin, one of Israel’s leading dramatists, was born in Tel Aviv and studied philosophy and literature at Tel Aviv University. At first he wrote poetry, but later concentrated on theater. He became resident playwright of the Cameri Theater in Tel Aviv and also worked with Habima, Israel’s national theater. Levin wrote fifty plays; his work includes comedies, tragedies, and satiric cabarets, most of which he directed himself. Levin was awarded the Bialik Prize in 1994.


Boston Globe: “The Sabra Award Benefit honored two Stage supporters — Emerson College president Lee Peltonand philanthropist Ted Cutler — and included a performance of Hanoch Levin’s Make My Heart Flutter…” read more at

BostonMagazine:Make My Heart Flutter is a sardonic snapshot of love and the crippling disappointment that swiftly follows, a story sure to bring forth laughs, tears, and resounding sighs from the audience…” read more at

BroadwayWorld: “Producing Artistic Director and Founder Guy Ben-Aharon has established an incredible roster of Boston theater talent to make Israeli Stage productions come alive, without benefit of sets, lights, or costumes. Standing on a bare platform with scripts in hand, Remo Airaldi, Nancy E. Carroll, Jeremiah Kissel, Adrianne Krstansky, and Omar Robinson embody Levin’s characters and tell the story in thoroughly engaging style…” read more at

The Arts Fuse: “Krstansky’s Lalalala possesses a cagey intelligence that befits an ambitious artist who wants to enjoy herself as she pursues her career. The naïve Lamka (Airaldi plays him especially child-like) understandably sees her as a prize…” read more at

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