Israeli Stage’s tour of the American premiere of Hand in Hand Together by A.B. Yehoshua was the English language premiere of the play, translated by Producing Artistic Director Guy Ben-Aharon. It was held at the Goethe Institut Boston on September 9th, 2012 (photo credit to Q Lam) at NewBridge on the Charles on September 22nd, 2012 and at Aviv Center for Living on November 25th, 2012.


PINCHAS RUTENBERG: Richard McElvain, Elliot Norton Award and IRNE Award winner
MARUSSIAH: Tracy Oliverio
DAVID BEN-GURION: Bret Silverman

SYNOPSIS: A.B. Yehoshua’s latest drama depicts the historical meetings between Ben-Gurion and Jabotinsky in London 1934, and expresses the Zionist sentiments of both political leaders. In essence, it is about the founding of Israel by the Social Zionists and Revisionist Zionists. Please join us for Israeli Stage’s 2012-13 season premiere, Hand in Hand Together. From the author who brought us Possessions (inaugural event 2010) and A Night in May (2011-12 season premiere), we bring you A.B. Yehoshua’s latest drama which premiered in Israel in Spring 2012.

ABOUT A.B. YEHOSHUA: Leading author A.B.Yehoshua was born in Jerusalem in 1936, the fifth generation of a Sephardi Jerusalemite family. After studying Hebrew literature and Philosophy at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, he started a teaching career. From 1963 to 1967, he lived and taught in Paris; he is now Professor of literature at Haifa University. Yehoshua has published numerous novels, short stories, plays and essays and is one of the best internationally known Israeli authors. In 2007, his novel Five Seasons was named one of the ten most important books since the creation of the State of Israel. Yehoshua`s work has been published abroad in 28 languages.


The Arts Fuse Feature: “The latest play by the celebrated Israeli writer A. B. Yehoshua is a historical drama that revolves around an imaginary conversation between two major political rivals about Zionism and the founding of Israel. Israeli Stage is presenting the American premiere of a staged reading of the script…” Read more at ArtsFuse.org

The Arts Fuse Review: “Israeli Stage, a company presenting staged readings of contemporary Israeli drama in translation to Boston-area audiences (see both my and Arts Fuse Editor Bill Marx‘s interviews with founder and artistic director Guy Ben-Aharon) opened its third season with a reading of A. B. Yehoshua’s new play, Hand in Hand Together. The script has received considerable…” Read more at ArtsFuse.org

The Independent Times: “The ideal time for the American premiere of Israeli Stage’s staged reading of Israeli playwright A.B. Yehoshua’s poignant play, Hand in Hand Together…Holding scripts, actors…left last Sunday night’s packed audience at Boston’s Goethe Institut in awe. It’s the third Yehoshua play Israeli Stage founder-theatrical seer Guy Ben-Aharon has presented in Boston.”

The Jewish Advocate: “For Guy Ben-Aharon, the founder and artistic director of Israeli Stage, a sense of history is a deeply personal thing…”

The show was sponsored in part by CJP. 

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