Dina – Hanna Azoulay-Hasfari’s Residence

Dina – Hanna Azoulay-Hasfari’s Residence

Israeli Stage was proud to host Award-Winning Playwright and Actress Hanna Azoulay Hasfari for a two-week residency which included the World Premiere of Dina, her lecture Identity through Art, and many opportunities for you to engage with Hanna and her work. 

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Dina, a World Premiere Performance, took place at Brandeis University (4/1/16) and Boston University (4/3/16), and were followed by Dialogue Reflections with Hanna Azoulay-Hasfari. The staged reading featured performances by Ramona Alexander*, Shanae Burch*, Maureen Keiller*, Jeremiah Kissel*, Dale Place* and Patrick Shea* with guest appearances by Nancy E. Carroll*, Mary Klug*, Craig Mathers* and Sheila Stasack*, directed by Guy Ben-Aharon. 

Identity through Arta lecture exploring the effects and benefits of academic, historic and familial research into one’s past and roots on one’s identity as an artist and activist, was presented at Emerson College (3/29), Wellesley College (3/29 and Northeastern University (3/30) with a special introduction by one of Boston’s treasures, Melinda Lopez.

HANNA AZOULAY HHana 2ASFARI (Playwright in Residence) is an actress, playwright, screenwriter, social activist & artist. For the past 25 years, Hanna has appeared as a leading actress on stage and on camera in TV & film, garnering two “Best Actress” awards by the Israeli Film Academy, a “Best Actress” award by the Jerusalem Festival, and a “Critics Award for Best Actress” at the Jerusalem Festival. Hanna wrote and acted in “Sh’chur,” a film that won the “Best Film Award” at the Israeli Film Academy, a “Special Notice Award” at the Berlin Film Festival, the First Prize Winner at the San Sebastian Festival and “Best Script” at the Troja Film Festival. As a playwright, Hanna has written the Betulot Shiduch, Slihot and Mimuna. Hanna is among the founders of “The Democratic Sephardic Rainbow Coalition,” a political activism movement focused on improving Sephardic rights.

Jewish Advocate: ““I was raised in two cultures,” she said. “The one from home, which is Moroccan and traditional, and the other from the outside, which is Western and democratic…”” read more at The Jewish Advocate

JewishBoston: “It was a big gap between that world and modern, western Israel. Even as a child I was very aware that Israel, established by European Jews, was a melting pot in which only we had to melt…” read more on JewishBoston.com

WBUR’s The Artery: “Azoulay Hasfari is in Boston for two weeks as Israeli Stage’s playwright-in-residence during its sixth season featuring plays by all women writers. She’s the first Sephardic writer to be hosted by the theater company that presents plays by contemporary Israeli writers…” read more at WBUR’s The Artery

Times of Israel: “Ben-Aharon is looking forward to this season’s residency with Hanna Azoulay Hasfari as a rare chance to showcase the work of the Moroccan-born Israeli writer, introducing American audiences to the less familiar Sephardic culture…” read more at Times of Israel

This program was supported in part by the Combined Jewish Philanthropies, and the Bob Jolly Charitable Trust, in memory of the late Bob Jolly. 

University partners for Dina and Identity through Art included Boston University (BU Hillel), Brandeis University (Hadassah Brandeis Institute), Emerson College (Institute of Liberal Arts, Office of the President), Northeastern University (Northeastern Crossing) and Wellesley College (Wellesley College Hillel and Jewish Studies Department).

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