Best Friends

Best Friends

Israeli Stage presented the New England Premiere of Anat Gov’s Best Friends on April 21st, 2013 at the Goethe Institut Boston. The show was sponsored in part by CJP.

SOPHIE: Philana Mia
LELLY: Dakota Shepard
TIRZAH: Marvelyn McFarlane


SYNOPSIS: Sophie, a divorcee with three children, each from a different father; Tirzah, a married novelist; and Lelly, who never married or had children. The friends are seen in two phases of their lives and friendship – in their youth, at the start of their friendship, and twenty years later, verging on forty, when Sophie and Tirzah have not spoken to one another for nearly two years, and Lelly tries to reconcile the two.

ABOUT ANAT GOV: Playwright Anat Gov passed away in December 2012 after a long battle with cancer, leaving a significant imprint on Israeli theatre with six plays – Best FriendsLysistrataHousehusbandOh, GodA Warm Family and Happy Ending.


The Arts Fuse: “Anat Gov does a fine job on the meta-playwriting level. “Best Friends” is a genre piece that is also an affectionate commentary on the genre to which it belongs…” more at

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