A Case Named Freud – Goethe Institut

A Case Named Freud – Goethe Institut

Israeli Stage was proud to be an associated producer of the American Premiere of A Case Named Freud by award-winning playwright Savyon Liebrecht. The play was produced by the Goethe-Institut Boston, in association with the Austrian Cultural Forum New York and with the support of the Laura & Lorenz Reibling Family Foundation. The play was presented at the Goethe-Institut Boston (January 25th, 2015), Boston College (January 28th), Boston University (January 29th), Brandeis University (February 1st) and Suffolk University (February 9th) featuring Ken Baltin, Miranda Craigwell, Stacy Fischer, Ed Hoopman, Gabriel Kuttner, Dale Place and Omar Robinson.

A Case Named Freud tells the story of Sigmund Freud and the young Nazi, Dr. Sauer, who saved him and the Freud family after being appointed to take care of his estate in Vienna. The play captures both the intimate and moral struggles in quick dialogues portraying the interactions between the Freuds and Dr. Sauer, who in the end, provided the Freuds with exit visas to London.

This presentation follows the Savyon Liebrecht: In Residence at Israeli Stage program which included the World Premieres of Dear Sigmund and Carl and Freud’s Women.

SAVYON LIEBRECHT was born in Munich, Germany, in 1948, to Holocaust survivor parents. She studied philosophy and literature at Tel Aviv University and started publishing in 1986. Liebrecht has published six collections of short stories and novellas and two novels. She has also written multiple plays, all of which have been staged, and a number of TV scripts. She has received awards for two of her TV scripts, the Alterman Prize (1987), the Amelia Rosselli Prize for Mail Order Women (Italy, 2002), the Maior-Amalfi Award for A Good Place for the Night (Italy, 2005) as well as Playwright of the Year for her plays It’s All Greek to Me, Apples in the Desert, Rohale’s Getting Married and The Banality of Love.


The Arts Fuse: “The world premiere of A Case Named Freud defied my expectations and fulfilled my hopes — it is her most ambitious and dramatically satisfying play to date….” read more at ArtsFuse.org 

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BroadwayWorld: “Director Guy Ben-Aharon has an impeccable track record for bringing in top-notch talent to turn a staged reading into a theatrical event…” read more at BroadwayWorld.com


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