The Hearing – Wellesley College

A legal protocol that took place in January 2014 in Kiryat Tivon is now presented as a play, raising questions of freedom of expression in educational settings; what is legitimate to express as a teacher, and what is illegitimate to express?

CONCEIVED BY Renana Raz :: DIRECTOR Guy Ben-Aharon :: TRANSLATORS Natalie Fainstein & Guy Ben-Aharon :: FEATURING Lonnie Farmer*, Maureen Keiller*, Melinda Lopez*, Nael Nacer*

POST SHOW DIALOGUE with Wellesley College President Paula Johnson

A quartet of quality performances“; “Israeli Stage recognizes the value of discussing the thought-provoking

An optic through which to examine our own nation’s problemsa provocative mirror on the vicissitudes of our own democracy.”

The Hearing, which premieres in America Nov. 12, asks how far freedom of expression can be protected in the classroom.”

“A powerful play…about issues of academic freedom.” ~Larry Summers in The FInancial Times

“The show is, at times, laugh out loud funny! The statements and arguments made are so outlandish, that you can’t help but laugh.” ~The Brookline Tab

A high school student complains about their teacher expressing leftist views in the classroom, and the teacher is called in for a hearing. This is the true story of Adam Verete who – after opening a dialogue about the morality of an army in a public high school in Israel – was publicly threatened and humiliated.

This program is made possible thanks to the generosity of Wellesley College.