The Strawberry Girl – Temple Isaiah

strawberry girl_israeli stage

A German woman’s struggle with her surrounding reality  

The world is turning upside down. Ominous headlines are printed every morning. And what do you do? Liebrecht’s The Strawberry Girl asks you to consider the plausibility of ignoring an atrocity. Of leading a normal life. Of deferring to ignorance when called to action.

In vivid and evocative one-woman show, a German woman’s life outside a ‘factory’ in Poland makes you question how far you’d go to ignore the truth. “Nuanced and expressive without being either distant or maudlin, Carroll’s performance captures the ignorant curiosity of this character, rendering a psychologically compelling account.”

You will be left wondering about the complicity of the characters you’ve discovered. What they know, what they don’t know, and what they hide.

The Strawberry Girl deals with the confrontation of blissful ignorance and a tragic personal intimacy.

PLAYWRIGHT Savyon Liebrecht :: TRANSLATOR Anthony Berris :: DIRECTOR Guy Ben-Aharon :: FEATURING Nancy E. Carroll*

SAVYON LIEBRECHT Born in Munich, Germany, in 1948, to Holocaust survivor parents. Liebrecht has published seven collections of short stories and novellas and two novels. She has received awards for two of her TV scripts, the Alterman Prize (1987), the Amelia Rosselli Prize for Mail Order Women (Italy, 2002), the Maior-Amalfi Award for A Good Place for the Night (Italy, 2005) as well as Playwright of the Year for her plays It’s All Greek to Me, Apples in the Desert, Rohale’s Getting Married and The Banality of Love. Israeli Stage hosted Liebrecht in March, 2014, presenting the World Premieres of Dear Sigmund and Carl and Freud’s Women. Additionally, Israeli Stage presented The Banality of Love, Apples from the Desert and was a co-producer of A Case Named Freud.