Fertile – University of Maryland


PLAYWRIGHT Yakir Eliahu Vaknin | TRANSLATOR Natalie Fainstein

DIRECTOR Guy Ben-Aharon | FEATURING Ramona Alexander* 

A young woman’s struggle to live fully as a woman 

Ramona Lisa Alexander*

Ramona Lisa Alexander*

Fertile, a one-act monodrama based on a true story, deals with blurring the lines of gender identity. Fertile was born with a gift – she was born without a uterus. An inherited genetic abnormality makes her barren at birth. Throughout her life, she is marked by society and by herself as faulty and defective. At 26, following a romantic encounter with the man of her dreams, Fertile decides to reexamine the “broken” parts of her life, and sets on a journey of healing herself. Her journey makes her confront all sides of her femininity and her right to exist as a woman, despite her inability to fulfill the basic female mission, bringing children into the world.

This event is made possible by the Gildenhorn Institute for Israel Studies at the University of Maryland. 

yakirYakir Eliahu Vaknin is an actor, director and playwright based in Tel-Aviv. After graduating from the Goodman Acting School in the Negev, he started working as a freelance director and playwright, directing his own work; a short play entitled Service, a short musical entitled Yakir for Rent, a musical written for the youth city choir of Be’er-Sheva entitled Pretty in a Red Dress and Fertile– a monodrama that went on to be staged at the Israel Festival and is now part of the repertory at Tmuna Theatre.