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The Hearing

The Hearing Premiere

The Hearing – Wellesley College

Spiral with vortex effect. Twisted futuristic effects.

CONCEIVED BY Renana Raz :: DIRECTOR Guy Ben-Aharon :: TRANSLATORS Natalie Fainstein & Guy Ben-Aharon :: FEATURING Lonnie Farmer*, Maureen Keiller*, Melinda Lopez*, Nael Nacer* 

A legal protocol that took place in January 2014 in Kiryat Tivon is now presented as a play, raising questions of freedom of expression in educational settings; what is legitimate to express as a teacher, and what is illegitimate to express?

A quartet of quality performances“; “Israeli Stage recognizes the value of discussing the thought-provoking issues~BroadwayWorld.com

An optic through which to examine our own nation’s problemsa provocative mirror on the vicissitudes of our own democracy.” ~ArtsFuse.org

The Hearing, which premieres in America Nov. 12, asks how far freedom of expression can be protected in the classroom.” ~JewishBoston.com

“A powerful play…about issues of academic freedom.” ~Larry Summers in The FInancial Times

“The show is, at times, laugh out loud funny! The statements and arguments made are so outlandish, that you can’t help but laugh.” ~The Brookline Tab

A high school student complains about their teacher expressing leftist views in the classroom, and the teacher is called in for a hearing. This is the true story of Adam Verete who – after opening a dialogue about the morality of an army in a public high school in Israel – was publicly threatened and humiliated.

This program is made possible thanks to the generosity of Wellesley College.