Oh, God – audience feedback

Audience reactions to Oh, God: 

Victoria Seydel Belmont of Riverside, RI: I heard about the Israel Stage production of Oh God when actress Maureen Keiller & Producing Artistic director Guy Ben-Aharon appeared on WGBH Open Studio with Jared Bowen. The performance Oh God was not only intimate and engaging but also surprisingly believable…no small feat when God shows up for a therapy session.  Maureen Keiller and Will Lyman portray their roles with realistic passion and humor while putting forth thought provoking subject matter… a new perspective of God.  If man was created in the image of God,  perhaps God is more human than we had previously considered.  The opportunity for audience talk-back allowed for further food for thought.  I will be keeping  Israeli Stage on my radar.  Kudos to actors, director, and playwright.

Stephanie Clayman of Arlington, MA: What a spectacular play. Nothing pleases me more than when an artist – writer, director, designer, actor – surprises me and takes things in a direction I never would have thought of. I adore this funny, thoughtful, moving play and am so happy to have seen it. Congratulations.

Bruce Lynn of Lexington MA: Ruth and I made it to last night’s performance of Oh, God at BU.  It was a terrific performance on the part of both actors.   Will Lyman was incredible.  The role of Ella fit Maureen’s talents very well, too.  The comment about seeing a full stage production  vs. what we saw last night — I couldn’t imagine the effect being any more powerful by adding a desk or a sofa, a door and a window, or a “Leor,” for that matter. Like so many American Jews, I was totally unfamiliar with Anat Gov before last night.  Now, I’m thinking, maybe she is something like the “Israeli Wendy Wasserstein,” very funny, very poignant, and dead at much too young an age.

Bob Murphy of Dartmouth, NH: We did not know what to expect when we walked into “Oh God” at Dartmouth College.  What we got was thoroughly entertaining; it was a humorous, thought-provoking, completely professional presentation.  The spare informal atmosphere only added to the authenticity and emphasized the meaning of the dialogue.  Will Lyman and Maureen Keiller were convincing as God and Ella – Will’s voice, in particular, is what we all imagine God to actually sound like.  It was a wonderful evening!

Moran Nir of Tel-Aviv, Israel: A fantastic production. Whatever you expect or think of beforehand, get ready to be surprised! A smart, funny and touching play with powerful delivery by an incredible cast topped off with wonderful direction.

Dena Ressler of Arlington, MA: Oh, God was incredible: at times I felt like I was at a Tanakh or Talumd shiur, other times as if peeking into the office of a talented therapist.  I laughed nonstop until Job, where I cried nonstop. I think what really made this play come alive was the acting and of course, behind the scenes, the direction.  I think it was some of the best acting I have ever seen.  The theme and how it was delivered was so immediate and relevant.  Because of Lyman and Keiller. My goodness, good delivery gives such new and powerful meaning to words. What a special evening.  Thank you to the three of you!

Anna Stathopoulos of Boston University: Oh God is a brilliant take on our personal relationship with God. This witty and heart-warming play, unlike any other, captivates the audience with its unique approach to God’s story. You’ll be left enlightened and hoping God comes in for just one more session with Ella.
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