OH GOD | Back by Popular Demand!

Back By Popular Demand | Israeli Stage’s OH GOD | Launching First National Tour!

In October 2014, Israeli Stage will be bringing back its most popular play, Anat Gov’s hilarious and poignant Oh God to the Greater Boston area, the DC area and Manhattan. In this witty, poignant and touching play, a psychotherapist named Ella (Maureen Keiller*), single mother of an autistic child, gets a visit from a new, desperate patient, God (Will Lyman*).

WGBH | Open Studio with Jared Bowen: Producing Artistic Director Guy Ben-Aharon (“What the show offers is that God is the little gifts that we give one another and I think that’s a beautiful message“) and Actress Maureen Keiller (“The audiences are so smart! It’s so amazing how engaged they are; it’s really great“) went on air to talk about Oh God, Anat Gov and what Israeli Stage means to them. Segment begins at 5m45 at WGBH.org

WBUR: “The play revolves around Ella, a psychologist and single mother, who receives God as a new, floundering patient intent on having just one session. The concept sounds either existential or twee at first. But Ben-Aharon helped the two seasoned actors mold to tweak the English translation to suit, which in turn helped the piece as performed by Lyman and Keiller feel intimate. The pairing proved so successful and the show so resonant that it went on tour to more than a dozen locations…” read more at artery.wbur.org

The Washington Post: “It isn’t every day that an American stage director has the notion of producing an Israeli play and taking it on the road. But Guy Ben-Aharon isn’t every American stage director. Tired of hearing laments about the myriad ways that plays aren’t reaching the public, Ben-Aharon decided he would breach convention and fashion his own unorthodox circuit…” read more at WashingtonPost.com

Israel National News: “Guy Ben-Aharon, director and producer for Israeli Stage, is bringing one of their plays on East Coast tour to universities and synagogues. Audiences are invited to stay and talk after the play, and for Ben-Aharon, the play’s drawing power for the young is what interests him most…” read more at IsraelNationalNews.com

EdgeBoston Feature: “Do theatre goers know that throughout the year they can listen to professional staged readings of the world’s most vibrant, contemporary international drama?…” read more at EdgeBoston.com

EdgeBoston Review:  “Lyman imbues every inch of God with vulnerability and humanity, giving us a much more complicated view of The Deity and expressing the humanist sentiment that the best parts of our personalities are brought out not through our talents but through our flaws…” read more at EdgeBoston.com

Oct 14th at 7PM | Lesley University

Oct 20th at 8PM | Babson College

Oct 21st at 7PM | Temple Emanuel Newton

Oct 22nd at 7PM | University of Maryland

Oct 23rd at 7PM | New York University

October 24th at 7PM | Dartmouth College

Oct 25th at 8PM | Elie Wiesel Center for Judaic Studies at Boston University

October 26th at 7PM | Temple Beth-Elohim in Wellesley

October 27th at 7PM | Temple Beth-Zion of Brookline

December 10th at 10AM | Orlando, Florida 

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