Jewcer Campaign | Donate and have Double the impact!

Israeli Stage was recently awarded a matching grant for the first $1,800 that we raise via crowd-funding; this is extremely exciting as we were chosen among 3 projects out of 400 that were submitted.
The campaign was launched almost 24 hours ago. For us to get the $1,800 matching grant we not only have to raise $1,800, but we have to get at least 50 people to donate. It would mean the world to us if you would consider making a donation and telling a friend about it. If each of you donated $36, we’d meet the goal in no time! Thank you for supporting our project and helping us bring high quality artistic programming to students and theatre-goers alike.

With much gratitude and appreciation,

Dalia Cahana-Amitay, President of the Board

Guy Ben-Aharon, Producing Artistic Director & Founder

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