A note from our sponsors

Please find this note from our friends and sponsors at the Israel Campus Roundtable: 

At the Israel Campus Roundtable, we serve as a resource for students in the Boston area who are interested in connecting with Israel.  

For students who identify with Israel in a cultural manner, there are many ways to express this bond: painting Middle Eastern murals, critiquing Israeli film, or participating in a dance troupe, for instance.  Yet there is one cultural aspect of Israel that has heretofore been an unknown phenomenon in Boston: the theater.  

Thanks to Israeli Stage, students in Boston are finally able to encounter the tremendous literary works that Israeli authors bring to life.  With Guy Ben-Aharon at its helm, this organization has brought Israel to the stage gracefully, with passion and energy.  Whether students have participated in the plays themselves, or enjoyed them from the audience, Israeli Stage receives high praise as a highlight of the Israeli cultural scene in Boston, and in the theatre community at large.

We are so pleased that Israeli Stage will be holding performances at Harvard University, MIT, Boston University, Northeastern University, Hebrew College and Brown University/RISD throughout the 2012 Spring Semester.

See you at an upcoming performance!

Matt Hoffman
Israel Campus Roundtable

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