Letter from Susan

When Guy Ben Aharon, a fellow yogi, came over to my yoga mat a year ago and asked if I would like to be in a staged reading, playing the role of a spindly old aunt in A.B. Yehoshua’s Possessions, I was stunned. I focused on the word spindly, being quite pleased that I am perceived that way, and said I have no acting experience. Guy was so supportive and enthusiastic about the reading, and I was so impressed with his creativity and vision, that I agreed. The cast was also supportive and patient with my lack of experience as a theatre practitioner.

That day changed my life. I have been active in the Jewish Community in Boston, but I had never been so aware of the rich, modern, artistic traditions that are taking place in Israel. Since that day on the mat I have also taken a number of acting and commercial classes, and have since then appeared in a musical comedy and an independent film.

I am ever so grateful to Guy for his persistent work in promoting Israeli theater in the United States. To experience Israel through its playwrights is a journey into a magical world. I feel privileged to share another side of this wondrous country, and I invite you to join the journey.

Susan K. Howards
Founding Member, Israeli Stage

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